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Portable Generators 

As the name implies, portable units are not designed for permanent installation. Instead they work with stand-alone applications and are meant to temporarily energize a few critical applications via external Powergeneratorscords. These are usually functional for a run time of less than 12 hours, and provide a power output of 500W to 17.5kW. Different models of portable units can be fuelled using one or more of specific energy sources like gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, propane or natural gas. Most portable units are air-cooled and hence ought to be operated in the open for availing maximum air ventilation. Arrangements should also be made to protect them from rain, snow and such other elements; else vital parts can rust and corrode severely diminishing the durability of the equipment. Often, portable units do not have a provision for sound insulation and can be extremely noisy in operation. Furthermore, there is the added effort that one needs to make in hauling the unit out of its storage, plugging it in and refueling the tank, every time there is a power outage. 

Bunded Diesel Tanks

The demand for fuel increases every day in most homes and industries. Fuel plays a mBunded Diesel Tanks Introajor role in running almost every sector of the economy and for this reason; its market value rarely drops. This explains why cases of theft targeting basic diesel tanks are rampant these days. However, thanks to Powergenerators this modern system of storing fuel, it is harder to damage the tank and steal the inner contents. It also gives you the chance to save money since you will not need regular repairs and replacements simply because the previous tank had been destroyed by criminals. Thanks to bunded diesel tanks, you will always find it easier to utilise the diesel stored in them for the benefit of your business or home consumption purposes. 


Phase Distribution Box

Ideal for temporary electrical installations and the events industry.
Tri Rated wiring is housed in a tough thermoplastic enclosure with the sockets and switchgear areas recessed for mechanical protection. The wiring is terminated on a Terminal Block rather than Terminal Studs, this helps with maintaining the box,

Each Inlet and Socket is fitted with Neon indication for added visual aid.

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