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For nearly 20 years powergenerators. have supplied diesel generators for stand by operation, emergency backup power and prime power operation. With a large stock of diesel generators from 6 to 500kVA, we specialise in the acoustic treatment and containerisation of medium to high power silenced and weatherproof generator systems.

Located in the centre of the UK, our premises in Preston Lancashire accommodate our head office, storidge & fabrication facility, warehouse and test area.

Generator Warehouse & Storage Yard
Keeping over £6m of new generators of varying shape and size in stock takes a lot of space in our warehouse. Industrial shelving is used to stack low to medium power open and silenced units whilst larger units are stored at floor level in the warehouse or storage yard.

Most of our New generator range are easily handled in the warehouse due to standardised design features. A fleet of large and medium sized forked trucks operate in the area, with pallet trucks utilised for smaller items.

Generator Test Facility
with Online viewing for clients, once a generator has been marked as sold it is taken for our standard 4 hour load test. For generators up to 2000kVA we can load test the procedures online for client-only viewing.


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